Cradle of Hope Association (COHA) is a Macau charity launched in 1994 by Christian Missionaries. COHA manages two residential homes for children and teenagers and has cared for over 300 children  during this time.

Currently employs 70 full-time staff members. COHA´s Goal is to provide a loving and secure home for children and teenagers under its care, implementing Christian Values and equipping the residents with the skills and competencies for them to become responsible members of the society.

The Association works in partnership with Macau Social Welfare Department, but also works close to the Health Bureau Services and the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau, in order to improve the Children and Families welfare.








COHA´s objectives are to provide social, educational, cultural assistance and moral support and beneficence. Thus, the Association manages and supervises two residential Homes for children and teenagers that are abandoned, suffering  abuse or neglect and needing protection. Cradle of Hope and Fountain of Hope Homes.

The Association also assists and supports women at risk providing workshops to help single mothers or families to care for their babies and children.
Also provides counselling and therapy for children and families at risk.

COHA also delivers training for care givers that are working with vulnerable children in Macau, China and other countries in Asia.



  • Compassion – COHA serves children and families, guided by Christian values.
  • Integrity – COHA is faithful to all resources placed under our trust and care.
  • Hope – COHA passionately instils hope in people and encourages the fulfilment of God’s unique plan and purpose for every person´s lives.
  • Partnership – COHA builds partnerships with the community to accomplish our mission.
  • Spiritual Nurture – Children attend local community churches weekly and a Sunday night on-campus service. Daily devotions are conducted in each Home.
  • Solid Academic Preparation – COHA provides children a safe and structured environment to generate academic achievement. All children and teenagers are encouraged to set goals and pursue higher education or vocational courses.
  • Strong Work Ethic – Staff members serve as role model for positive working habits and encourage children to develop strong work ethics. Each child has daily chores to accomplish. Healthy Physical Development for every Child – Self-esteem, trust, teamwork and cooperation are developed through recreational activities. Youth have the opportunity to participate in organized sports, music activities, educational activities and others.
  • Safety – COHA recognizes that a safe and nurturing family-like environment provides the most powerful emotional attachments and role models for every child.
  • Individuality – COHA recognizes that every child is unique and needs to be treated as an Every child is respected and understood.
  • Transparency – COHA work sin an open and transparent manner with all stakeholders.



  • The inherent value and potential of every child;
  • A child’s potential is best nurtured in a family-like environment;
  • Investing in children and families is the greatest opportunity to improve our communities;
  • Our history, scope, and expertise is a call to action for leadership on issues affecting children and families in Macau.