COHA has a weekly program that includes extracurricular classes such as music, educational workshops, physical education and language training. Moreover, we organize weekly birthday parties for the kids, as well as outdoor activities, like barbecues and day trips out of Macau. We strongly believe our responsibility is to let Children and Teenagers live normal lives, providing them with tools to be independent in the future.

COHA intends to provide so much more than the satisfaction of basic needs for our Residents…we intend to provide an holistic environment to every child, enabling them to full develop their capacities, skills and talents. In order to achieve such goal, both Residential Homes provide the following services and activities:

Basic Needs


Balanced and nutritious meals are served daily. Regular dental, medical and counselling appointments are scheduled for children and teenagers.

Educational and Training area


Educational and Training area : studying and homework support, professional guidance and mentoring, recreational and educational workshops, sex education, drugs prevention activities.

Animation and Leisure


Sports activities, music and dancing activities, arts and crafts activities, visits to cultural venues, Summer tours.

Community and Spiritual Activities


Volunteering activities (visiting nursing homes), daily worship celebrations, inter-solidary activities (older residents providing homework support to younger residents.

Annual Celebration Events


Chinese New Year, Christmas, Moon Festival.

Social Area


Family support and emotional support, Interaction with various entities and with the surrounding community, assessment, counseling and referral to other existing projects in social solidarity community, Interaction with peers.

Psychological Services


Psychological assistance and support, Psychological assessment and evaluation, Psycho-therapeutic assistance, providing a playing area for structuring personal and social skills among users.