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It has been one of the greatest privileges of my life spending over 14 years volunteering at COHA.

My journey started when Marjory requested help over one problem she had at the time . However, when there are abandoned babies and children needing protection the issues just kept coming. It was easy to stay and help when one realized how hard everyone was working and how useful an extra pair of hands and brain could be in easing the huge tasks that Marjory and her staff faced every minute of every day.

Marjory and her staff were so inspirational in their devotion to their children.   Many times we we were all overwhelmed. often by the tragedy and other times by the workload but it was the children themselves who always gave us the reason to never give up.

I look back over those years and feel how lucky I was to have had the opportunity in my life to play a very small part in the journey of COHA. To see our Homes evolve, determined always to give the children the best we can no matter what obstacles we faced. To share all the heartbreak , but also the joys and then to see the success of so many of our children has been a special part of my life.

It is Marjory the Creator of these 2 Homes ,the visionary ,the leader , and all her staff who I admire as they dedicate their lives to nurturing and loving our children .

The rewards of volunteering are immeasurable ,far out weighing the value we give. I feel so blessed that I could be part of the Life of COHA.