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We are Otacílio and Luciana Gondim, and with us our little girl is Ana Paula. We have worked in the Cradle of Hope for over 8 years. There are many things we could share about these years we have worked with Jorge and Marjory Vendramini, the children and the Chinese. We love this work, but I know it was God who put this love in our hearts, the great love he has for this people.

One of the things we cannot stop writing about, is the perseverance and courage that Jorge and Marjory, along with their son Daniel, have demonstrated for all these years. Besides being great leaders in ministry, always encouraging and investing in those who entered the work, they never gave up, even in the midst of pressure and storms that came upon them. Jorge Vendramini, often unrecognized, is behind the ministry and it was he who gave everything so that Marjory could work in the front of this ministry.

Often driving all day, and taking care of their son Daniel, so Marjory could meet the needs of the homes. He even raised the financial support so that Marjory could study at the University in the Course of Social Work, a time when the financial situation was tight, but he did it to invest more in homes. Both Jorge and Marjory are heroes, but it’s all thank to Jesus, who sent them to Macao and gave them the vision for this ministry, and got Nicolau into our home, changing your life and calm family environment to an agitated environment, with running and sleepless nights… all because, like us, God put in their hearts a love for these people. We know it’s not easy to work with children, because we cling to them, and often they go out, leaving a little piece of home empty, to be filled by another child who also needs love and affection. This work is not of men but of God, for without Him nothing that is today, he would have done.

To Him be honor and glory forever! Thank you, Lord Jesus, for the life of Jorge, Marjory and Daniel Vendramini, who are people who found the Lord with a heart available for this work!