For COHA, staff is one of the most valuable assets. COHA truly believes that having happy staff present will overall make the children happier. Staff members mentor children and teenagers to develop a sense of fulfillment and well-being that will make our residents full citizens of Macau´s society.

To develop the idea of child centered plans and activities and to act towards the best interested of the child, Cradle and Fountain of Hope homes invest in staff training and employing consultants to supervise and train/ mentor the staff.

COHA employs around 70 staff members working full time in both homes.


Board of Directors


President: Marjory Vendramini

Treasurer: Luciana Gondim

Secretary: Lucas Rodrigues Gomes Ribeiro


Fiscal Council


President: Joao Jose Rodrigues Monteiro

Vice-President: Joana Parente Vann

Member of the Audit Board: David Silva de Souza


General Assembly


Jorge Luiz Vendramini

Maria Amelia da Conceicao Antonio Saldanha

Henrique Miguel de Pedro Saldanha

Otacilio Monteiro Gondim Neto

Sun Wai Ken