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I first met the women of the International Ladies Club in 1994 on the opening day of ”Cradle of Hope”. It was love at first sight. Since that day our relationship has become very close.

Macau International Ladies Club has strong values and is committed to helping the needs of Macau society. They have played a very important role in our association’s growth and development over our 16 years of friendship. From the early days when they sent diapers and milk for our babies, to sending volunteers to assist and encourage us, to providing salaries for some of our staff, covering the cost of a professional psychologist for our children, to designing Christmas cards and raising money for our Homes, they have blessed us tremendously. They have donated thousands of dollars to improve the quality of the life for our children, they have given us professional help and assistance, and have been here to listen and support us when are discourage. They are not only sponsors, but truly friends and partners in this work.

Looking back over all the people that have come and gone through the doors of Cradle and Fountain of Hoe, I must say from the depth of my heart: “Standing here today and seeing what Cradle has become, I must acknowledge that a great part of the success of this work is because of your unconditional love and support for us”.

All the ladies who are part of the International Ladies Club who have blessed us with their time, resources and heart, we truly say…“Thank you!. You have been an incredible blessing to our children.”

Thank you Macau International Ladies Club!