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My name is Kyle Younes and I’m a missionary here in Macau from the USA. I have been a volunteer with the Fountain of Hope ministry and have developed such beautiful friendships with all the kids, staff, and volunteers there for past six years. Seeing how much all the kids and our friendships have grown over these years has been such a tremendous blessing and joy to my life. I’m closest with the older boys and girls, for they attend our church’s annual youth summer and winter camps and also our weekly Sunday services. Every time I see them all my heart lights up. It is such a blessing to see them grow in the Lord and to enjoy our friendships together. But one of my most special and cherished times with the FOH ministry is when I take a few of the boys out to go skateboarding on Friday nights. It is always a super fun and relaxing time skating together and to get to sit down with them to have deep, meaningful, and real conversations about life and Jesus’ love for them. I am so honored and can’t thank the Lord enough for all the amazing blessings and friendships and love of the FOH ministry and to have witnessed the beautiful fruit, love, and faithfulness of Margery and Pastor George.